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Drunk Driving Truck Accident Lawyers

Did an intoxicated driver of a large truck cause serious injury to you or a family member in an accident? Have you lost a loved one after a careless drunk driver lost control? If so, you deserve compensation for the pain and suffering you and your family have endured, and Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser is here to ensure that you are not left to face the aftermath of this horrible tragedy by yourself. Truck drivers are trained to operate their large motor vehicles safely and must adhere to strict driving regulations. Unlike other drivers, operators of large trucks are above the legal limit if their blood alcohol content is higher than 0.04%. For most people, that means they will be over the legal limit after one drink. The law is rigid because large semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are heavy vehicles and can weigh 80,000 pounds when their trailers are fully loaded. If one of these trucks loses control and cause an accident, the results can be catastrophic.

If you have been forced to endure pain and suffering after a drunk driver crashed their rig into your vehicle, you may be eligible to file a claim to secure the financial compensation you deserve. Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser is dedicated to helping protect the rights of families in Oceanside and California whose lives were disrupted by the negligent actions of an intoxicated driver. The high cost of medical bills, lost work wages, and physical and emotional trauma that accidents cause can be overwhelming for many families. We believe that the truck driver, the company that hired the driver, and the restaurant, bar, or store that served the driver alcohol should be held liable for the accident that is now causing you and your family significant discomfort.

Our firm has a strong background in the medical field, and we understand the severity of injuries that victims sustain when they are involved in collisions with large trucks. The fact that the truck driver was under the influence of alcohol is beyond unacceptable, and we will not tolerate the injustice that you are being put through without a fight. The Oceanside truck accident attorneys at Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser are a passionate team of professionals that are ready to help you secure what is rightfully owed to you. Call us today at (760) 512-1172 or use the chat feature on our website to schedule a free consultation.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Few other automotive accidents carry the same likelihood of severe, life-threatening injuries than large truck wrecks. The danger of these types of crashes is magnified if the truck driver is under the influence of alcohol. In many cases, these types of collisions lead to fatalities. If you or a family member have been the victim of an accident with a large truck and are working toward rebuilding and recovering, an experienced lawyer can help you handle the details of the legal proceedings. Victims of these accidents often require significant medical treatment, and that comes at a cost. The financial burden that has been forced upon you should not be yours to face alone. By hiring legal counsel, you are taking the first step toward making things right again. Although no one can change the past, Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser can help you move forward. We will fight aggressively on your behalf. You owe it to yourself and your family to try and recover as much as possible after a drunk driving accident with a truck, and hiring a lawyer may be your best option.

Types of Cases We Handle

At Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser, we have a deep background in medicine, and we are familiar with the types of treatments (and their associated costs) that are required after a brutal accident with a drunk truck driver. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you have a chance to recover every penny you need to make a full recovery. That is why so many families trust Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser after a serious accident. We have compassion for our clients, and we understand the difficult time you and your family are going through at the moment. Our drunk driving truck accident lawyers may be able to help you recover financial compensation for these costs and more:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Continued medical care
  • Disfigurement
  • Mental distress
  • Emotional misery
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Lost income
  • Long-term disabilities
  • Funeral costs

Drunk driving is a serious offense, and when accidents happen, serious injuries occur. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a collision with a large truck for any of the following reasons, Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser may be able to file a claim on your behalf:

  • Drunk driving
  • Prescription drug use
  • Driving while sleepy
  • Narcotics or other illicit substance use
  • Driving in an emotional state
  • Nonprescription medication intoxication
  • Distracted driving

Truck drivers are required to hold a class-C license to operate their vehicles, and they can face criminal and civil penalties for driving under the influence of anything that affects their ability to function safely.

How Will I Be Able to Prove My Claim?

Hiring a qualified lawyer who is experienced with drunk driving accidents is the first step in proving your claim. A knowledgeable drunk driving truck accident lawyer will be able to gather the evidence you need to make a convincing case. The driver will need to be questioned about their use of drugs and alcohol on the day of the accident. Medical evidence and a toxicology report will be obtained to establish proof that they were operating their truck while under the influence. Credit card records, security camera footage, and the truck’s black box information are useful in determining where and how the driver consumed or obtained their alcohol. A lawyer from Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser will be able to use all of this information to verify your claim.

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Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser has the knowledge and experience you need to take the drunk truck driver to court and fight for what you deserve. Our mission is to help the families of Oceanside receive the compensation they deserve after a drunk truck driver causes an accident. If you have any specific questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask our truck accident lawyers. We will evaluate your case for free. Call Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser today at (760) 512-1172, chat with us through our website, or contact our firm here.

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