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Oceanside Anesthesia Error Lawyer

Anesthesiologists are responsible for administering anesthetic drugs to patients and monitoring their vital responses during surgery. Although the procedure is relatively routine—most people will undergo anesthesia at least once in their lifetime—the consequences of even a single error may be life-changing. Now that it seems clear that negligence caused the injury you or a loved one sustained, you should begin to evaluate your legal options against your anesthesiologist.

If an error was made while you were under the care of an anesthesiologist, you should speak with an Oceanside anesthesia error lawyer at the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser about what legal claim to compensation you may now possess. Once we have assessed your case, our Oceanside legal team can help you develop a legal strategy to recover compensation for the pain and suffering you endured.

Anesthesia Error Claims in Oceanside

Oceanside attorney Yvonne Fraser is a former respiratory therapist, and she retains close ties to the medical community in and around Oceanside. In fact, Fraser’s husband, Ken, is a leading cardiologist in San Diego. Through her direct experience and her network of medical colleagues, Fraser understands just how preventable many of these incidents should be, including, but not limited to, those involving the following:

  • Allergic reaction that the anesthesiologist should have been aware of
  • Anoxic brain injuries/brain damage caused by over-sedation or asphyxiation
  • Stroke, heart damage, nerve damage, paralysis, or coma in reaction to the drug
  • Awareness during surgery caused by under-sedation or improper dosage
  • Failures to properly monitor the patient
  • Delayed anesthesia administration
  • Defective anesthesia equipment

Fraser’s understanding of medicine and the law makes her a valuable advocate for families who are attempting to pursue an anesthesia error claim in Oceanside. Moreover, this makes Fraser a formidable opponent to hospitals, medical personnel, or insurers who might otherwise count on the jurors’ ignorance of medicine to counter a medical negligence claim in Oceanside.

Consult with a Anesthesia Error Attorney in Oceanside

If you believe that your anesthesiologist committed an error that should have been avoidable, you should speak with an Oceanside anesthesia error lawyer at the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser to begin assessing your legal claim to compensation. To speak directly with a medical malpractice attorney in Oceanside about the particulars of your case, please take a moment to call our Oceanside offices at (760) 512-1172 and schedule your free consultation.