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Oceanside Employee Discipline Attorneys

Disciplining employees is no easy task, as confrontation is often difficult. However, employee discipline is a necessary part of maintaining a successful, productive business. If you have disciplined an employee for his her or wrong doing in an appropriate manner, the issue should be considered resolved. Unfortunately, in some cases, employees accuse their employers of inappropriate or uncalled for punishment.

At the Oceanside Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser, we understand that the consequences of being accused of wrongful employee discipline can be serious and affect you and your business negatively. Our employee discipline lawyers are prepared to help present your case after being unjustly accused of wrongful employee discipline.

Types of Charges Against an Employer

Repetitive issues with an employee may require an employer to enforce disciplinary measures. Employees are typically made aware of these possible measures before any of them are used. Nevertheless, a disciplined employee may feel that you have overstepped your bounds when taking a disciplinary measure against him or her and may accuse you of the following:

  • Defamation – Your employee may claim that they have been defamed, meaning that you damaged his or her reputation. Defamation can exist in written form, libel, or orally, slander. Defamation is a common claim made by employees that feel the accusation or reason they are being disciplined or fired is false. Companies are granted a qualified privilege to make statements, as long as they are true and without malicious intent. Employers are also protected if the defamation was accidental, which happens when a reference is made to the wrong person by mistake, for example.
  • False imprisonment – As an employer, it is possible that you could be wrongfully accused of false imprisonment, or taking away an employees movement without his or her permission, in an act of discipline. For example, if an employer interrogates an employee in a locked room without allowing them to leave, that can be construed as a false imprisonment.
  • Assault and Battery – Assault (when someone attempts to hurt you) or battery (when someone touches or hurts you without consent) are claims that employers may be wrongfully accused of. After a disciplinary measure has taken place, it is possible that an employee will accuse you of assault or battery in attempt to receive compensation for the pain and suffering you allegedly caused them.
  • Negligence – Employers could be accused of negligence in the workplace if a disciplinary action allegedly causes harm to the employee.

Contact an Employee Discipline Attorney in Oceanside

Being falsely accused of misconduct during disciplinary actions taken against an employee can be frustrating, as well as damaging to you and your business. At the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser, we understand how devastating a wrongful accusation can be, and believe our experience can help clients have any false accusations dismissed in court. If you have been wrongfully accused of an issue concerning employee discipline, call our Oceanside, California office today at (760) 512-1172.