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Manslaughter one is among the most serious crimes that one can commit. The accusation alone of committing manslaughter can have incredibly detrimental effects on a person’s life, including damage to personal relationships, professional career, and overall reputation. Manslaughter cases can be classified as “involuntary” and it is important to know the difference between this type of case and other manslaughter charges when dealing with your legal proceedings. Involuntary homicide does not involve premeditation and is the result of negligence. While involuntary manslaughter is considered the least serious and severe type of manslaughter charges in the state of California, it can still have seriously detrimental effects on a person’s life.

The attorneys at Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser are prepared to help guide you through the legal process that comes with your involuntary manslaughter case. At our firm, we understand the stigma that is attached to manslaughter charges and will do everything we can to ensure your reputation is protected. We know that certain police tactics can lead to coerced confessions and false accusations, and we will work diligently to defend and protect your rights. Our lawyers have years of experience representing individuals charged with involuntary homicide and we have created strategic plans tailored to each of our clients. We are prepared to do the same for you. Contact our offices today by calling (760) 512-1172 to discuss your case further.

Involuntary Manslaughter Classification

Involuntary manslaughter is based on the assumption that one individual took actions that unintentionally led to the death of another person. In order for manslaughter to be classified as “involuntary” in the state of California, one person kills another person while either:

  • Committing a crime that is not an inherently dangerous felony
  • Committing a lawful act, that might result in death, without proper caution

The laws surrounding involuntary manslaughter are often the matter of opinion and can be strongly fought in court. For the best chances of a successful case against your involuntary manslaughter charge, it is important to have a strong lawyer on your side. The attorneys at Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser are here to help you through this difficult time.

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