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Oceanside Distracted Driving Lawyer

It is no secret that our society as a whole has become more dependent on technology, specifically cellphones, which sneak into nearly every activity of our day. Driving is no exception; millions of individuals can’t resist the temptation to look at their phone while driving, which often ends with costly accidents. Distracted driving is characterized by a driver engaging in another activity that impedes their awareness as a driver. Those who allow themselves to be inattentive while driving do not just endanger themselves, but anyone sharing the road. Worst of all, these accidents are completely avoidable.

At the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser, our Oceanside car accident lawyers work to protect the community from negligent drivers, and are passionate about helping those who have been victimized by a distracted driver. Our legal team understands that you may not only be dealing with an injury, but insurance battles, lost work income, and more. In only a few seconds of diverted attention, a driver can cause serious injury, or even death, for the sake of an unimportant task.

Distracted Driving Activities

Modern technology is the main issue with distracted drivers, as they cannot resist their phone or hand-held device for the duration of their drive. Many states have enacted laws to protect others from this behavior, by enforcing expensive fines and harsh penalties. In California, it is illegal to use a wireless telephone at any time while driving unless to make an emergency call. With this in mind, cellphones are not the only way a driver can put others in danger; other distracted driving activities include:

  •  Eating
  •  Grooming
  •  Using in-vehicle technologies like GPS
  •  Mind Wandering
  •  Driving while in an emotional state
  •  Smoking
  •  Talking to others in the vehicle

There are many ways that a driver can lose their focus when driving. In fact, millions of car accidents nationwide are caused by these simple distractions. Therefore, when a distracted driver actually causes harm to another, the consequences are steep. They may be liable to pay any medical bills, car repairs, and lost wages for the individual by their risky driving practices.

If you have been hurt in any way by a distracted driver, the help of a skilled attorney can help you recover some, if not all, of these damages. Our Oceanside car accident lawyers understand that dealing with a car accident can be stressful and painful. We can help guide you through the legal process to while you focus on recovery.

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At the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser, we realize how often distracted drivers cause harm on the road either to themselves or others, and are here to protect those from suffering the consequences of another person’s negligence. Contact an Oceanside car accident attorney to discuss your legal options if you have been harmed by a distracted driver. Call our offices today at (760) 512-1172.