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Report reveals doctors on probation still practice in California

A recent report found many Americans are unaware that some doctors, who are on probation in California due to ethics violations and medical negligence, are still practicing, an article of The Washington Post reported on March 29.

An article of the “Consumer Reports” discovered many probational doctors in California are continuing their work as medical practitioners. Some of the examples stated in the report include an OB-GYN who removed the wrong ovary, a pediatrician who was cited numerous times for working while impaired by drugs, and a negligent orthopedic surgeon whose attentiveness resulted in a patient’s leg amputation. Reports also revealed that a substantial portion of the 1.25 million licensed doctors nationwide have been subject to disciplinary issues or malpractice. The most troubling find of this report was that the government database containing the disciplinary information regarding doctors is only accessible to hospitals, law enforcement, and a few other groups.
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