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Vehicle driver fatally injured in Fallbrook

An elderly man driving a vehicle in Fallbrook, California, succumbed to injuries when he got involved in an accident involving a massive tree, an article of CW6 reported on January 9.

According to information coming from the state’s Highway Patrol, the single vehicle accident happened at about 8:30 a.m. on North County road. The vehicle driver, only identified as an 84-year-old man, was driving in the northbound lane of North County when a large oak tree on the side of the road in the 2200 block of Willow Glen Road suddenly fell on top of his van. Responding state authorities confirmed that the driver died in the mishap. Responding personnel utilized chainsaws to remove the approximately 80-foot tree on top of the vehicle. Officer Jim Bettencourt told reports that they have not figured out if the incident was caused by weather condition, or other factors.

The wrongful death legal team at Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser in Oceanside express their deepest thoughts to those who have been affected by the recent loss of their loved one.

Thousands of defective “Qbit strollers” recalled in the US

Over 29,000 strollers sold in the U.S. are being recalled by a Massachusetts retailer due to complaints that caregivers and babies are at high risk of sustaining injuries if the products suddenly malfunction, a December 20 article of CPSC reported.

The recall was issued by Aria Child Inc. on an estimated 29,400 strollers that have a folding side hinge that could cause pinch and laceration injuries to caregivers. Babies, on the other hand, could suffer injuries as well, because the stroller could fail during use. The recalling company and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have been notified of several adults sustaining injuries when using the strollers and requiring stitches, as well as multiple incidents of children suddenly falling from the stroller. Consumers who might have purchased any of the five different colors of strollers were advised not to use the product and to get in touch with Aria Child to receive a free replacement.

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Oceanside fatal hit and run suspect enters not guilty plea

A suspected drunk driver recently entered a not guilty plea following a fatal pedestrian accident where she left the crash victim on Mission Avenue last June, 7 San Diego reported on December 12.

Multiple felony charges were filed against Esteysi “Stacy” Sanchez after she fatally struck a pedestrian identified as Jack Tenhulzen, 69, on June 27. In a court hearing on Monday, officer Brad Hunter said Sanchez left the crash scene and seemed to be emotional. Authorities later discovered that Sanchez had a blood alcohol level between 0.18 and 0.19 percent. A friend of Sanchez also testified that he tried to prevent her from driving because of her alcohol consumption. Over 15 years in jail awaits Sanchez if she is found guilty of all the charges filed against her.

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Over 680K potentially defective Ford vehicles recalled

Ford Motor Co. is recalling over 680,000 vehicle models worldwide due to a potentially faulty seat belt that could cause harm to vehicle occupants, a December 2 article of USA Today reported.

According to the recall, three Ford vehicles were equipped with seat belts liable to malfunction in the event of an accident. Ford has reportedly received two incident reports involving the affected vehicles that resulted in personal injuries. The company explained the seat belts could malfunction during collisions if the anchor pretensioners are weakened by overheating. In a statement, Ford confirmed the problem may increase the risk of personal injuries during collisions. Ford dealers will reinforce the seat belt pretensioners by applying a coating to insulate the mechanism. The bulk of the affected vehicles were in the US, while others were found in Canada, Mexico, and other countries.

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Woman pinned by own vehicle in Oceanside

A woman in Oceanside recently suffered injuries after she was pinned by her own vehicle, a November 28 article in the Times of San Diego reported.

According to reports, authorities were notified at about 9:15 a.m. regarding an accident that took place on Mountain Vista. Officer Ignacio Lopez of the Oceanside Police told reports that a woman around 40 years old was pinned by her own vehicle after it inadvertently rolled out of place while she was closing the garage door. The vehicle reportedly rolled backward because of the sloping driveway. The woman was freed underneath her vehicle after responding officers lift her vehicle. Lopez confirmed that the woman underwent treatment at Tri-City Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries she sustained.

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3.6M possibly defective 2-in-1 alarms in the US and Canada recalled

An estimated 3.6 million units of alarms capable of detecting smoke and leaking carbon monoxide (CO) sold in the U.S. and in Canada are being recalled due to a possible defect that could cause serious harm to consumers, a November 10 article of cpsc.gov stated.

The recall affects the alarms of “Kidde NightHawk combination smoke/CO” that may fail to produce chirping sound after consumers replace its batteries. Consumers who the product are required to replace its batteries every seven years, however, the detectors could fail to alert consumers after they replaced its batteries. Kidde and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have been notified of eight malfunctioning detectors that did not result in injuries. Consumers have been advised to stop from using the affected Kidde products and coordinate with the company for a product replacement.

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Dental clinic in CA accused of medical malpractice and fraud

A dental clinic based in Anaheim, California is facing misconduct allegations linked to dozens of children injured after undergoing treatment in their clinic, a November 7 article of CBS Los Angeles reported.

Reports said a family suspected the “Children’s Dental Group” conducted unnecessary dental procedures on children. The medical malpractice lawsuit was filed by a family on November 4 and came after last September’s reports that 57 children suffered from infections after they underwent dental procedures, such as a baby root canal. Orange County authorities later discovered the clinic’s water was contaminated with harmful bacteria. In a statement, Children’s Dental Group stressed they perform their services well and care for children. They added that they have not received any complaints. The clinic also expressed their regrets about previous patients who suffered complications.

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Washing machines recalled

Samsung announced a recall of 2.8 million units of washing machines on November 4th, according to the CSPC.

According to reports, 34 “top-load washing machine” models may cause harm to consumers if some of its parts on the upper portion suddenly detach during use. Samsung Electronics and the federal consumer safety agents have been notified of 733 complaints of malfunctioning washers. Samsung is offering free repairs, a full refund, or a discount to those who prefer to purchase a new washer.

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Drunk driver kills Lyft driver in a hit and run

A Lyft driver in California died last month after being hit by a drunk driver, according to NBC San Diego.

The driver, Henry Reyes, stopped his car and pulled over after noticing that one of his passengers had fallen ill. Moments later, Reyes was struck by another driver, Steven Quintero, who was intoxicated. Reyes was killed on impact, and Quintero attempted to flee the scene before being caught. 

Reyes had just graduated from Dental school and was driving for Lyft in order to provide for his 2-year-old son.

A hearing on October 5 was set for Quintero in a San Diego court.

The wrongful death attorneys at the Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser send our deepest condolences to Henry Reyes’ family and loved ones.

13 dead and dozens injured in California tour bus crash

At least 13 people on-board a tour bus were killed and 31 others suffered injuries in northern Palm Springs, an article of 7 San Diego reported. The incident occurred on October 23 after the vehicle they were occupying struck a truck.

According to reports, I-10 was completely blocked by authorities after a tour bus struck the rear portion of a semi-truck. The collision reportedly caused severe damage to both vehicles and preliminary investigations showed that the USA Holiday bus might have been speeding. Chief Jim Abele of the California Highway Patrol believed many of the passengers were sleeping when the collision took place. The tour bus driver was among the fatalities, and the semi-truck driver went to a hospital due to injuries. Names of the people involved in the catastrophic collision were not released as of reporting. The tour bus was travelling back to Los Angeles from a casino in Salton City when the accident took place.