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Legally Trained; Medically Experienced | Attorney Yvonne Fraser Works for Injured Clients

Attorney Yvonne Fraser is a rare personal injury lawyer who is trained in both law and medicine. For seven years, prior to obtaining her law degree, she worked as a respiratory therapist (she has attained both CRT and RRT accreditations) in California hospitals. Further, she has close connections to the California medical community, including her husband, Ken, who is a prominent cardiologist in the San Diego area.

Yvonne’s combination of training and skill in pathophysiology — literally, the study of bodily injury and disease — enables her to understand injuries and to seek justice and compensation for injured clients on legal grounds, whether they are victims of medical negligence, car accidents, accidents on property, animal attacks or other personal injury situations.

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The Law Offices of Yvonne M. Fraser, in Oceanside, serves clients throughout Southern California. To schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your injuries and possible options for compensation, contact us online or by calling (760) 512-1172.

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