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Dog Attacks Hazardous to Community

Pit bulls and other large dogs have been known to attack other pets and, occasionally, people. A recent fatal attack in the Los Angeles County community of Littlerock marks an upswing in dog attacks in the region.

CBS Los Angeles reported that the victim, a 63-year-old woman, was attacked and killed by a pack of pit bulls. According to authorities, the dogs mauled the woman and pulled her approximately 50 yards. Additionally, the woman was viciously attacked and ended up with severe bodily damage, including loss of a limb and horrific damage to the head and scalp.

After the attack occurred, authorities launched an investigation of the surrounding area to round up the animals. Eight dogs, including six pit bulls, were later removed from a residence near the scene of the attack.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a man arrested for running a marijuana growing operation out of his house was likely the owner of the pit bulls. L.A. County homicide detectives are investigating whether the pit bulls seized at the suspect’s residence are the dogs that attacked the victim. The animals were taken into controlled custody at the Department of Animal Care and Control.

The husband of the victim identified his wife by the iPod she was wearing during her routine jog. When asked who he blames for his wife’s death, the victim’s husband said “I blame the people who don’t take responsibility for their animals,” according to CBS Los Angeles.

Owners can be held accountable for animal attack injuries

Negligent owners who do not properly restrain pets are often the reason for
animal attacks in suburban areas. An animal that is vicious or has been trained for violence can attack innocent victims without warning. California dog owners must use a leash in public to exercise control over their pets. Additionally, these owners are also obligated to prevent the dogs from injuring other residents as a general rule for public safety.

Owners of vicious dogs can be held accountable for the actions of their pets. The attack in Littlerock offers only the latest example of dogs attacking humans due to apparent inability to properly house, train and handle an aggressive breed.

Wrongful death and compensation

The victim’s family in this case may be able to recover compensation for the woman’s death in the animal attack. Wrongful death suits seek to mitigate loss of life that can be traced back to the animals’ owners through compensation. Damages in a wrongful death suit can include medical expenses, funeral expenses and loss of support, in addition to other pecuniary losses. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to protect your rights and explore your ability to recover.